Delivering high quality and comprehensive Equine Veterinary Services to the Adelaide Hills, Foothills and Fleurieu Peninsula

We are a dedicated equine veterinary practice based in Hahndorf, South Australia. From miniatures to high level performance sports and racehorses, our experienced team of veterinary surgeons are ready to treat them all.

We provide a professional, local, reliable and affordable 24 hour, 365 day a year service for every horse under our care.

Our state of the art diagnostic equipment allows us to perform a comprehensive range of visiting veterinary services at your property. From our Hahndorf clinic we also perform surgery & intensive hospital care as well as routine appointments.




Spring is finally here! Whether for leisure or competitive riding, spring is a great time to get going againwith extended daylight hours and plenty more sunshine.

There are a few things you can do as a horse owner to ensureyou are prepared for the season and all that comes with it! Excellent general health and well being is key to a horse performing the best he can. It is recommended to have yourveterinarian examine your horse for a general wellness exam and update their vaccinations.

As we come into spring, the risk of internal parasite infection increases. As the weather gets warmer, egg production of parasites increase so spring is the best time to have a faecal egg count done before and after you worm. This lets you know how your horse isaffected and how well your horse worming regime is working.Dental treatment is an important part of your horse’s healthcare and we recommend that all horse’s teeth are checked at least onceA year.

Adelaide Hills Equine Clinic is doing a spring special which includes all of the above as a spring special!!
This includes a general exam, faecal egg count, worm drench, 2/1 vaccination and a teeth rasp at$ 275 when you bring your horse into our clinic or $ 325 if you would like us to travel to you.


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Conjunctivitis in horses is similar to conjunctivitis in humans. The process is initiated when irritants such as allergens, excessive dust, flies, injury, or a combination of these aggravate the tissues of the horse’s eyes. When bacterial infection sets in, the eyes appear red and watery. Often the nasolacrimal (tear) duct becomes infected, and it is necessary to call in a veterinarian to flush the tear duct and prescribe treatment to clear up the infection....

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