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We have found there has been a big increase in Capeweed flowering in the area, and also in horses eating and becoming unwell from it. This is suspected to be due the high nitrate levels that accumulate in the plant after a period of rapid growth. This occurs when a dry period of some months is relieved by lots of rain. Nitrates have a direct caustic action on the lining of the gut. The main signs we see are diarrhoea, depression, salivation and abdominal pain/mild colic signs. Capeweed grows as a low growing rosette of heavily lobed leaves, the undersides of which are covered with woolly down (see picture). It is not normally particularly palatable to horses, but sometimes during cloudy weather can become wilted and more easily accidentally eaten. If you notice your horse has any of the clinical signs mentioned above give us a call on 083887489 for advice as we may need examine them and give them treatment and support. We would also advise you move your horse to an area less covered by capeweed if possible.   


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