Equine Dentistry

We consider that dental care is an essential part of a horses’ preventative health care. We recommend that teeth are checked once a year. We will advise you if a specific horse requires more frequent treatments or checks based on the yearly examination.

dental services Adelaide Hills Equine Clinic

  • Routine teeth rasping (including wolf tooth removal)
  • Dental surgery for extraction of diseased or fractured teeth
  • Licensed to use sedation 

Dental disease is a common problem in horses of all ages and may cause:

  • Ulceration of cheek or tongue

  • Pain on eating/loss of appetite

  • Weight Loss

  • Halitosis (bad breath)

  • Sinusitis

  • Problems with the bit

Whilst many horses will tolerate a full examination without sedation there is no doubt that in some cases a thorough examination and optimal rasping can only be done with the use of sedation.  Our vets can offer sedation if required.  It is not legal for a dental technician to sedate your horse.

You may find it convenient and economical to combine a dental examination with an annual health check, vaccinations and routine parasite treatment.